150 MW Gas Fired Combined Cycle Power Plant

Palembang Timur, Sumatera Selatan




One of the largest Chinese overseas invested project in type of BOOT undertaken PALEMBANG 150 MW GFCC power plant project of Indonesia was successful in open cycle power generation on September 2nd 2004, and has supplied power with the capacity more than 100 MW continuously to PLN's grid already since that date.

This project is the first large sized overseas invested project in type of BOOT in China. During over three years of preparation work and more than one year of engineering and procurement and less than one year construction, under the concern, support and help of the leadership of national departments concerned, ASRIGITA and the primary EPC's constructor - China National Chemical Engineering Corporation (CNCEC) & CHENGDA Engineering Corporation of China (CHENGDA) overcame numerous difficulties and achieved the fruit of friendship of Sino-Indonesia people by our hardworking - PALEMBANG 150 MW GFCC Power Plant.

The successful power generation of this project is a successful try to respond to the call of 'Going Out' strategy of the Chinese Government, by which the country have prepared firm foundation for other large sized overseas invested engineering projects undergoing and to be performed in Indonesia. We shall continue to follow the instruction of the strategy policy of 'Going Out' of the goverment, hold together and make strenuous efforts to win over greater achievements.



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